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DSC Group Projects

Here you can find information about the projects that the fellows of the DSC are working on. 

There are five working groups:


The Economic group

The DSC Economic group is creating a SMALL BIZ AWARDS - a competition of entrepreneurial achievements. Its goal is to promote best small business practices in areas, that are necessary for sustainable development of Ukraine. 

The E-learning group

The DSC E-learning group is working on two projects: (1) Distance Learning Development Programme at Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University and (2) E-education in Displaced Universities: Analytical Research. The project purposes to enhance the quality of higher education in displaced universities through the support of the implementation of multiple information and communication technologies (ITC) at local and nationwide levels.

The Historical group

The DSC Historical group is creating a unique base of geographical renaming which has taken place in Ukraine within the last two centuries (including specifying of existed renaming trends) and a user-friendly interactive map. The group wants to attract audience’s attention to the topic of informational influence through geographical renaming and to increase citizens’ awareness about political manipulations. 

The NGO group

The DSC NGO group is creating an online video course. The course is about civil society involvement into the policy-making process. The project is aimed to educate active citizens on how to participate in and influence the policy-making process in Ukraine.

The Political Group

The DSC Political group is creating a unique online platform for civic engagement to encourage civic participation of citizens in Ukraine (and later in the Republic of Moldova) at regional and local levels. The main objective of the platform is to inform civil activists about the ways of civic participation at regional and local levels and to provide easy-to-understand instructions with detailed steps explaining what activists have to do in order to solve problems in their communities.