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July 7, 2017

Pulse of Ukraine Forum



Motto: Cross-Sectoral Leadership Toward a Constructive Society 

Dates: 2 days (October 2017)

City: Kyiv

Participants: 150-200 decision and opinion makers, entrepreneurs, civic activists from Ukraine and the West

Working Language: English, Ukrainian

Forum` Topics:

  1. Moving democracy: challenges and answers from Ukraine
  2. Social contract: relations between state and society
  3. Soft power: Ukraine’s role and impact in the region
  4. Free expression and the creative class


The Pulse of Ukraine is a forum organised within the framework of the Democracy Study Centre (DSC), a project founded by the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society (GPUS) and implemented in cooperation with the European-Ukrainian Youth Policy Centre with the generous support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

The Forum`s objective in a time when Europe is living through uncertainty and rising illiberalism in a number of countries is to bring together younger, innovative cross-sectoral leaders, “idea-preneurs” in order to strengthen their potential to contribute to a constructive democratic society. At GPUS we believe that we make a difference by promoting cross-sectoral dialogue and collaboration which enables us to feel the pulse of the country and assist its development and modernization accordingly.  

The forum is hosted by the DSC Fellowship including twenty-nine fellows and scholars organised within a framework of high-level and in-depth monthly working sessions, idea-labs mentored scholarly work as well as ambitious civic initiatives in the sphere of civic education, distance learning and youth engagement into grassroots politics.

Ukraine is a country on the move, working to assiduously to overcome its past, and create the conditions of a stable democratic future. It is on the front-line of the struggle for a united Europe, buffeted and challenged with an armed conflict on its territory. The Forum will highlight the challenges and successes and contribute to the dynamic of positive change.

The conference participants consist of younger politicians, grassroots civic leaders, journalists, academicians, and entrepreneurs from Ukraine and abroad as well as donors, diplomats and leaders of international organisations and delegations to Ukraine.