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November 25, 2015

Mobile Youth Work in Germany


The delegation of the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine being composed of the Managing Director Andre Poddubny and project manager Yuliia Fediv had a visit to the city where Mobile Youth Work was established and successfully implemented for the first time - Stuttgart and Mühlacker (Germany).

Mobile Youth Work Centres in Stuttgart and Mühlacker daily share experiences with delegations from around the world. Creator of the concept of mobile work with youth in Germany is considered the organization International Society for Mobile Youth Work (ISMO), namely its co-founder Professor, social and youth worker Walter Specht. It was through his initiative Ukrainian cities - Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and Kyiv - were able to join the idea of mobile youth work and distribute it in the realities of Ukrainian social work with young people.

During our two-days visit from 23 to 24 November 2015 we managed not only to attend the meeting of the founders of the International Society for Mobile Youth Work, where we presented our ideas for the creation in Ukraine a Centre for Mobile Youth Work and the Institute of Mobile Youth Work. However, we also thoroughly acquainted with the work of the German Centre for Mobile Youth  Work at the local level in one of the neighborhoods of the city of Stuttgart and at the level of community in a small town Mühlacker in the south of Germany. We were impressed with the variety and level of services provided by centers such as individual counseling, group activities, collaboration with schools, working with the community and with youth groups and others. Social workers of the centres constantly keep abreast of the situation of all the inhabitants of neighborhoods through shares that they hold. For example, Mobile Work Centre in Mühlacker has an action “Yellow Chairs” at the theaters and in the streets to draw attention to the problems of the youth community and tell young people about the proposals of mobile work.

We are grateful for the experience of German colleagues, which they shared with us, and will be happy to spread the idea of mobile youth  work in Ukraine.