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April 26, 2016

Sharing our experience on the Nordic Business Day 2016


The Nordic Business Day 2016 was held on April 22nd in Odessa, with participation of the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish ambassadors, as well as representatives of business and non-governmental organisations. This event had 500 guests with the objective to broaden and fortify cooperation between Scandinavian countries and Ukraine in such fields as IT, energetics, effect of AIC and innovations.




Andre Poddubny, the CEO of the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine, talked about the experience of implementing eco-friendly technologies in the “Our Kids” Centre with an international audience. While presenting a report titled “ The value of energy efficiency and renewables in the social sector. “Our kids” case!” on the “Energetics” parallel session, Mr. Poddubny introduced the Green Concepts – results of the work of the geothermal system installed in the Centre. After all, our experience is unique and serves as an example for other social and government institutions.